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2014 RBOA Annual Meeting

Covenants Extended

Architectural Control

2014 RBOA Annual Meeting

The 2014 RBOA Annual Meeting was held as planned on 4 March 2014, at Niceville City Hall beginning at 7:00 PM.  A quorum was not reached.  90 member properties were represented.  105 is needed for a quorum in order to conduct an official meeting.  Accordingly, no official business was conducted.  Thanks to all who attended in person or by proxy.  The 2014 Annual Meeting Presentation was made and is provided for your information .

Annual Presentation


Special Assessment Passes

Special Assessment Meeting:
14 Nov 2012, 7 PM, Rocky Bayou Golf Course Clubhouse.  RBOA members approved a Board of Directors proposed $75 one time Special Assessment to replenish the association's operating account due to major repair expenses to fix the Lake Amick/Phelps dam structure in late 2010 and early 2012. 

A quorum was reached at the meeting and the vote was 121 in favor and 33 opposed.  The $75 Special Assessment will be added to the annual dues amount of $110 and will be due by 6 March 2013. 

Thanks to all who participated in the process.  See meeting presentation slides. 

RBOA Board of Directors.

Unit 3 Covenant Extension Approved

Unit 3 Covenant Extension was approved with 41 of 67 unit properties approving. The amendment will be recorded officially and placed on the web site along with all signed ballots.  The Board of Directors thanks all who responded.


BREAK-INS: There have been 2 break ins in recent months in our association neighborhoods.  Additionally, the association's storage shed near Henderson Dam was more than vandalized. The Sheriff's Office believe it is young adults working for a man who lurks in a car nearby that is promising drugs or money for high value items such as electronics.  Do not leave your garage doors open allowing access to your homes.  Report suspicious activity to the police at 911.

Lakes Amick, Henderson, Kenny,
Phelps and Werk

The Rocky Bayou Owners Association (RBOA) has a strict NO SWIMMING policy for these lakes. If you become aware of anyone swimming in these lakes, please contact a member of the RBOA Board. Violations of this no swimming policy will be referred to the appropriate authorities for legal action.

Boating and fishing in Lakes Amick, Henderson and Werk are permitted by RBOA members in accordance with the restrictive covenants. Usage of these lakes is not permitted by non-members. Usage of Lakes Kenny and Phelps is regulated by the Rocky Bayou Country Club. (for entire article click here)


Unit 1 and Unit 2 Covenants were extended for an additional ten year from respective expiration dates by majority vote of property owners in each unit.  The Extension Certificates and individual property approvals are recorded in the official records of Okaloosa County.   

Rocky Bayou Country Club Request

"The Rocky Bayou Country Club is private property and use of the grounds is for club members and their guests only.  Your appreciation and observation are requested.  Also, please do not allow pets, principally dogs to roam (run freely) on the course.  Dogs are messy and have been seen disturbing sand traps.  Club management thanks you for your understanding and cooperation".   

Dangerous Snakes

There have been numerous reports of large water moccasins along the backside of Henderson Dam, particularly around the outflow area. These snakes can cause serious medical problems or death with just one bite. Warning signs have been placed on this part of the dam.

Children and teenagers should not be allowed on this part of the dam. Adults entering this area of the dam should be on alert for the presence of snakes and proceed with extreme caution. Normally, no one not on RBOA business should enter this area of the dam.

Beavers in the Lakes

The Association is addressing the beaver issue in our lakes.  Beavers are taking down trees along the lakefronts.  Several complaints have been received.  The Board is researching trapping and removing the beavers as one solution.  In the interim lakefront property owners/residents should take protective measures by placing wire mesh and or fencing around their trees.

Website Address:
You can now access the RBOA website using for the website address. Please add this address to your Favorites / Bookmarks, and tell your neighbors. The Board plans to expand use of the website to provide better communication and improved service. Watch for the changes over the coming months.
RBOA Documents Now Online

Covenants, by-laws, and other RBOA documents are available for viewing/downloading from the RBOA website.  All of the documents are in Adobe PDF format.  Click on the “Documents” navigational button to access these documents.

The design and placement of any new houses or additions to the property of an existing house (e.g. pools and enclosures, fence, shed, decks, children’s play units, etc.) must be in accordance with the Covenants for the Unit where the lot is located. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) operates to ensure this requirement is met. Please submit your application to the ACC with appropriate supporting documentation as indicated in the APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL OF A HOUSE PLAN OR ADDITION . You can review your covenants by clicking on Documents and then clicking on the Covenant document for your unit. Unsure of your unit? Go to, click Search then Property Records then By Name or Address and your property record including the unit and lot number will appear. We will move as fast as possible to review your application. We have 30 days if we need it.

Covenant Enforcement

The RBOA Board receives complaints regarding violations of the restrictive covenants on an ongoing basis. Recently, President Dave Ladd mailed a letter to all members regarding covenant compliance. A copy of the letter is available here. The Board has adopted a more assertive position regarding covenant enforcement.  Violators will be notified by certified mail and given and opportunity to correct the violation(s).  Initial approach will include the possibility of a fine levied by the Board  as defined and implemented by amendment to the Association’s By Laws (by two thirds vote of the membership at the 2010 Annual Meeting held in March).  Continued violation will be referred to the Association’s attorney for legal action.   Currently, there are six covenant enforcement actions in progress, one of which has been referred to the RBOA attorney.

Members of the RBOA Board will regularly monitor all units for covenant violations. If you become aware of a covenant violation, please contact a member of the RBOA Board.

Copies of the restrictive covenants applicable to your unit/lot are available under “Documents” on this website. If you are not familiar with your restrictive covenants, please read the covenants applicable to your unit/lot.

Email List:
The e-mail list is an ongoing project that is part of the RBOA website. To join the list, just click on the “E-mail List” button. This should bring up a message window in your e-mail client, with your e-mail address, etc., ready to be sent to the RBOA Secretary-Treasurer. No additional message is necessary; you can just clink on your Send button. As the e-mail list grows, the board will begin to use the e-mail list to communicate with participating members.


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